We offer SEASONAL CONSIGNMENT BY APPOINTMENT on a month by month basis.

APPOINTMENTS are posted to the calendar ( link below ) on the 21st OF EACH MONTH at 9 am or added throughout the month as SPACE becomes available. 


  • You may only bring ONE SMALL container once per month, so please be selective and bring only your very BEST items. ( we will only accept up to 20 items )
  • FRESHLY launder your clothing and lay it flat or slightly folded.
  • CLEAN your shoes.
  • Choose currently stylish, quality, SEASONALLY appropriate brands. Newborn - 12 years.
  • Your appointment is in a 15 - 30 minute window, please plan to stay.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the consignment policies on our website and / or on your appointment sign up form. 
  • ( Fall / Winter appointments we will accept long sleeves, sweaters, wool and fleece items, dresses, pants, etc. But we will not be taking heavy jackets that are not waterproof and not snow gear )


Schedule Appointment


We are currently accepting walk in for the following items, no appointment necessary. If you have other items to consign they must be brought in by booking an appointment.

  • Sneakers, Rainboots and Natives
  • Preemie sized clothing (not 0-3, smaller)
  • One piece rain suits / muddy buddies
  • Wool / Fleece base layers and bunting suits
  • Sleeping Bags / Sacks


If you have commission on your account that you would like to receive, you may request a cheque for pick up at info@beansprouts.ca

For further information see the Consignment Policies page https://www.beansprouts.ca/pages/donation-policy