Picking up any items that do not sell is your responsibility. If you do not wish an item to be given to charity, simply come by before your listed pick up date and take it with you. If you have many items, you may want to choose to email info@beansprouts.ca before your listed pick up date to let us know you are coming so that we can put your items aside for you.

Beansprouts happily donates any items not picked up to the following charities: Family Place centers, YWCA and women's shelters, Children's Hospital, Family counselling centers, school fundraisers, International Orphanages.

By consigning items at Beansprouts you agree to the following policies. Monitoring your account is your responsibility.

1. Consignment contracts are for 90 days from the date priced. At the end of 90 days, all items expire and become the property of Beansprouts.

2. We will price your items and send you an email list as items are inventoried ( time will vary depending on volume and space ) In order to find out if items have sold or if you have items to pick up, you can log into the website via your email address. We do not notify you for each sale or for pick up reminders.

3. All prices are determined by the (new) retail price, current condition, and salability. Consignors will receive 40% of the selling price upon sale. Payment of sold items will be in the form of store credit (usable in store to receive 10% extra towards purchases) or cheque ( weekly batches written - simply put in a request and pick up in person )

4. An item fee of .50 - 2.00 is added to the tag price in order to cover production costs. A fee of 1.00 - 2.00 will apply to any shoes that need to be cleaned.

5. Consignment items not sold within 45 days may be marked down up to 20-50% off. All items may be reduced up to 20%. There is no guarantee of sale. Beansprouts reserves the right to put items on sale. After 90 days, all expired unsold/ not picked up items will be donate and/or funds from the sale of expired items will be given to charity.

6. Beansprouts reserves the right to reduce the price of any item due to any previously unnoticed flaws and/or damage. Any item accepted for consignment that is found to have any previously unnoticed flaws and/or damage will automatically be reduced in price and if unsellable will become the property of Beansprouts and be donated to charity without notice.

7. Consignment accounts which have been completely inactive for 1.5 years will be cleared of sales from our database.

8. Requested and issued cheques that are unclaimed after 6 months of date written or lost will require a $12.50 banking fee to be reissued.

Liability: We do not assume responsibility nor do we reimburse for loss or damage due to fire, theft, or for any other reason. All risk of ownership of consigned items shall stay with the consignor.